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Lafayette Trenchless Relining

Lafayette Trenchless Relining
Lafayette sewer problems are a serious issue, and they tend to be expensive to fix. Traditionally once an inspection reveals an issue with a sewer pipe, a company will have to locate the stretch of pipe with the problem, shut off the pressure, dig a trench, then replace the particular stretch of the pipe. This is pricey, and worse it’s destructive toward the surrounding area. For those looking to fix their sewers, look for our Oakland and Lafayette trenchless relining company.

The Advantages of This Trenchless Sewer Repair In Lafayette

This type of trenchless sewer repair in Lafayette and Orinda has a number of advantages to it. First and foremost it fixes a sewer pipe without the need to dig a trench. Our Lafayette trenchless relining method also works on a variety of pipes, whether big or small. It works quickly, and solves problems that would otherwise be a great deal more expensive to take care of.

Our Lafayette Trenchless Sewer Replacement Can Solve Your Sewer Problems

Our Lafayette trenchless relining process isn’t an ideal solution for every instance, though. For example, the trenchless sewer repair method in Lafayette won’t work if the pipe is split and can’t take the pressure from either the CIPP process or the water that comes before it to clean out the interior. If the pipe has had this process done previously then it will grow more and more narrow, which can also be an issue.

The Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) Process

We use a process called CIPP. Cured in place pipe, which is also called CIPP, is the modern world’s answer to the age old problem of repairing an underground pipe that’s leaking. The process begins with an inspection, and once the pipe is found to be flawed a high-pressure jet of water is run through the pipe to clean its interior. Once that’s done a device is inserted into the pipe, and an epoxy is applied to the interior wall. When the process is complete the epoxy acts as a new sewer pipe that can last for quite some time.

Contact Us For Professional Trenchless Sewer Repair In Lafayette

So while cured in place pipe is a great answer for those who are looking for our Lafayette trenchless sewer replacement process, it isn’t a miracle of the modern world that can solve all sewer pipe problems. That said an expert company familiar with trenchless sewer relining in Lafayette and Berkeley might be just what the doctor ordered for particular pipe problems.

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