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Piedmont Trenchless Relining

Piedmont Trenchless Relining
Piedmont residents get a shock when they find that their pipeline to the building is stopped up or is leaking. You’re not sure of the damage or what the cost to repair the problem is. An even bigger reality is when one of the pipes is having a problem, and most likely the other pipes need equal attention as well. Your initial research into the matter provides you with some initial concerns that the cost could escalate to a very sizeable number. With this minimal amount of information on the problem, you begin to concentrate your research on the subject of repair, and you visit our Piedmont trenchless relining website. Our company has a new concept of repair for a pipeline. The concept allows an inner sleeve to be inserted at the entry point of the pipe and cover the entire damaged line. Our company repairs the pipe without the cost to excavate the old pipe. Our Berkeley and Piedmont trenchless relining process prevents the need to break through concrete, tear up parking lots, force tenants to temporarily move or cease operations in a medical facility.

We Use The CIPP Method By Starting With Epoxy Resin

This trenchless sewer relining concept of sewer repair saves the buyer considerably because they don’t need to now excavate the problem. Our Martinez and Piedmont trenchless relining process uses a cured in place pipe (CIPP) for pinhole leaks and slab leaks in hospitals and high rise buildings. The CIPP process prevents the disruption with the process of the trenchless sewer replacement in Piedmont because it lacks the necessity of major excavating. A trenchless sewer uses a food grade Epoxy to seal leaks and stop corrosion.

An Inspection Will Tell You What Needs To Be Done

The process of repair is first to use a mechanical pipe cleaner which uses brushes to remove scale and corrosion deposits causing pipe backups. After the cleaner, a video camera is sent into the sewers for inspection of the area and calculate the physical distance. This inspection gives the exact size to cut the sleeve pipe. The new pipe is cut to 100% of the length and the Epoxy resin is mixed and used to saturate the sleeve thoroughly.

Get A Piedmont Trenchless Sewer Replacement Today

When the liner is under pressure it is hardened. A trenchless sewer replacement and trenchless sewer repair attacks the problem of water infiltration and exfiltration. Our Orinda and Piedmont trenchless relining process can be accomplished in one day without interference to other business activities.

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